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 We are a family that has always been fond of all types of animals. We have dogs, sugar glider, Koi fish in a pond, turtles, saltwater fish tank, and birds. One day we decided to get a cat but we wanted a different kind of cat. A cat who liked to go for rides in a car, to be walked with a harness leash, who wouldn’t be afraid of outdoor surroundings, and other people. But at the same time be intelligent and sweet.

This is how we acquired our first Savannah pet at our house.  Then got another, and another, and so on. We currently have eight at the moment. All eight cats are from different generations of cats. No one cat is like the other. Different in their own way. When we began breeding our savannah cats it has been a thrill to see the birth and how each develop their own behavior and individuality as they mature.       


We are small home based cattery. All of our Savannah’s live with us and the kittens are raised at home . All babies fully guaranteed and come with health certificates. Our cattery is a FELV /FIV negative.We are a TICA  (The International Cat Association ) registered cattery.  

Our goal is to offer you savannah kittens with a hint of the African serval look. Gentle with a domestic cat temperament,  and proper socialization. We take the time to nurture and care for the kittens in preperation for their future home with their new owner. We provide quality versus quantity.  

Play Ground
Where they can feel as though they’re in their natural habitat.
Ground Cover
Is great for the Savannah to feel that this is their space and protect their territory. Also in the same enclosed area.

A suspended hammock is a great way for a Savannah to relax and have an elevated view of their surroundings.
Reminds the Savannah of a natural waterfall or river in the forest.